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On-Time Guarantee

The A-Line guarantee is for deliveries that range 0-21 miles from the point-of-pickup to the point-of-delivery. One hour is added for each additional 21 miles of distance. To ensure these logistics, our order takers will request contacts at the pickup and delivery. We continually monitor your delivery to ensure that each Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) deadline is fulfilled.


Your Delivery Options

Same Day On-Call Delivery Services

Emergency - Same Day Delivery

Emergency Service is one to two (1 - 2) hours or less and our fastest, most efficient delivery option. For items that need to get there immediately. Examples include Sharp Pickup or Delivery Times and Delivery Direct.
Regular Same Day Delivery

Regular Service is three (3) hours or less, for rates generally 20% less cost than our Emergency Service. These deliveries include items that need to get there immediately but less urgent.
Economy Same Day Delivery Service
Economy is 6 hours or less or Next-day delivery for 30 to 40 % less.
Customized Delivery Services

Route Scheduled Delivery Service
Routes can be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly prescheduled orders provided by customized bid and tailored to your routine delivery specifications.
On-Call Route Staffing Service

On-Call Route Service is a Stand-by Dedicated Employee Courier usual centrally stationed. This service is designed for continuity and implemented for critical time service.

Air Courier Next Flight Guaranteed (NFG) Delivery Service

Air Courier Service is sent out on Next Flight Guarantee (NFG) for shipments out of state with diligent oversight of the package until complete delivery satisfaction is achieved.

Trucking for Large Shipment Same Delivery Service

Trucking Service is for shipments requiring a box truck, flatbed, lift gate, pallet jack, etc.